General questions about consultations

I’ve never been able to sit still to meditate so how can you teach someone like me?2020-10-18T21:23:42+11:00

We teach mindfulness skills that are practical and helpful. Not all of us want to / or have time to spend hours each day sitting on a cushion meditating. In ACT we are interested in skills that actually work, for you, when you need them. We have taught numerous people to be more mindful and many of them said it couldn’t be done!

Do you use other approaches such as CBT?2020-10-18T21:23:07+11:00

We are trained and very experienced in more traditional CBT. Many of the features of ACT are shared with CBT. We are happy to discuss with you what treatment approach you are seeking and help you make an informed choice about your consultations with us.

Why do you think ACT will help me?2020-10-18T21:22:45+11:00

ACT has a growing body of evidence that it is beneficial for all sorts of issues including anxiety, chronic pain, giving up smoking, and much more. If you are interested in learning more about the evidence for ACT please just ask us. We also think it is an approach to both human suffering and potential that makes sense and seems to work well for many people. We can’t guarantee that you it will help you personally but we certainly hope it will!

Can I ask about your professional training and qualifications?2020-10-18T21:22:13+11:00

Of course you can. We are masters level trained clinical psychologists, that is, we have six years of university training in psychology and have specialised in a Masters degree for two years in Clinical Psychology. Since completing our degrees we have stayed up to date with developments in clinical psychology by attending workshops and conferences and reading current journal articles and text books! If you want further details or to see our CVs just ask!

What can I expect from a consultation? How long will it go for?2020-10-18T21:21:47+11:00

Our consultations usually last for 50 minutes. Allow an hour at our office. The first appointment we really want to get to know you and find out what has brought you along. So we ask questions and you talk as much as you are willing to about why you are there.

I feel embarrassed and have never seen a psychologist before. What will it be like?2020-10-18T21:21:23+11:00

Most people find it hard to pick up the phone and make an appointment. It isn’t easy asking for guidance. We know personally what it is like to not always know what to do or how to approach a challenge in our own lives. Many people are surprised at how “normal” it is to come along and talk to us. There is no couch to sit on and it may be less glamourous than what you see in the movies. We are here to help as best we can. It is as simple as that.

What issues do you regularly treat?2020-10-18T21:20:58+11:00

As we are experienced clinical psychologists we have worked with numerous people for all sorts of reasons! We don’t like to box people into categories as everyone is unique and comes along with their own experiences and goals. But if you want to check this out more please see our “About us” page for details about the kinds of clients Louise, Janine and Vincent often work with. And if you are not sure just email or call and we will chat with you to see if we are the right choice for you. We have deliberately not written a lengthy list of “issues” that would resemble a shopping list!

Am I eligible for Medicare rebates for seeing a clinical psychologist?2020-10-18T21:20:34+11:00

Yes you may be. With a referral from either a GP or a psychiatrist clients may be eligible for up to 10 Medicare rebates in a calendar year. You might like to discuss with your GP if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care plan – or see the Australian Psychological Society website www.psychology.org.au for further details.

Do I need a referral?2020-10-18T21:20:05+11:00

No – you do not. You can just call us and make an appointment. You do need a referral though if you want to claim Medicare rebates (see below).

The Sydney ACT Centre is located at:

Suite 607 / 185 Elizabeth St NSW , Australia.

Ph: +61 2 92516222
Fax: +61 2 85691728

Email: admin@sydneyactcentre.com.au

We moved in July 2021! We are located at Suite 607 / 185 Eliazabeth Street, close to Park street. You can also enter the building from 160 Castlereagh St. It is a 5 minute walk from either Town Hall, St James and Museum railway stations. Parking is available in parking stations nearby (and is very expensive!). Public transport is recommended for you to arrive on time. There is not waiting room so we kindly request that you wait downstairs in the foyer and take the lift to level 6 just in time for your scheduled appointment.

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